Natural and Stabilized Wood Handles


Each Nordquist Designs knife features either a natural or stabilized wood handle. Stabilized wood is a more resilient material, and much less susceptible to moisture than natural wood, but significantly more expensive. To create stabilized wood, all of the air is vacuumed out and replaced with resin, essentially transforming the wood into a plastic with all the beauty of natural wood! Much of the stabilized wood I use has also been dyed to enhance its beauty, striking the balance between aesthetics and heirloom-quality functionality that Nordquist Designs products are known for.

Natural wood is just as it sounds—wood that has been harvested and kiln dried. I oil natural woods with a high solids oil used on hardwood countertops and cutting boards. This protects the wood, however as the handle ages it is important to re-apply oil. Although not as maintenance free as stabilized wood, you will be rewarded with a natural material that feels amazing in your and and often becomes richer with age! Some woods, such as ebony and African blackwood, are so dense that they don’t benefit from stabilization so I often use it in its natural state.