After owning several very high-end, limited edition Japanese knives, I wanted to work with a more local craftsman to create something truly unique and personalized for me. I first came to Jesse with a custom idea based off of some of his other products. He worked with me and sent photos throughout the process and totally knocked it out of the park. The knife has a nice heft to it and feels great with a pinch grip. I was slicing through some sausage and it released from the blade just like I hoped it would with the s-grind. Although the knife is substantial to hold, the thin tip allows you to perform more delicate work as well. A true all-rounder. Thank you Jesse for the great customer experience and wonderful end product. I will be coming back to you with future requests no doubt.

Kurt P.

"I'm in love with this blade. Usually I spend about a month with a knife where I work before I really settle in to it. A couple days in and it's my knife I use for almost everything. Excellent craftsmanship and a beautiful edge. I'll be watching for other blades that catch my eye.”

Eli R.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that 3 months (or thereabouts) working with your knives, they are just really a high quality piece of art. I still receive compliments on them daily. The edge retention is exceptional. Most times when they dull, I just run them over a leather strop five or six times and they are right back to razor sharp. I find them such a joy to work with. For me and the way I hold my knives, they are extremely comfortable. The weight and length compliment my knife skills perfectly. I feel as if you designed them specifically for me. 

Joshua C.

This knife is beautiful. I have an early 2000's Bob Kramer knife and this knife is every bit as good as the Kramer knife. The bubinga handle is superb, it fits my hand so well. I am very happy that I saw your knifes, and now have one. Thank you

Micheal L.

I'm enjoying this knife so much! The handle shape is something that I haven't seen before. It's organic and beautiful, but also easy to hold in different ways depending on what/how I'm cutting. The wood choice is also very pretty.

High carbon steel knives do require a bit more maintenance than stainless steel, and I admit to being slightly intimidated by that prior to purchasing. Jesse however included a sheet with instructions and suggestions for care and storage that makes it very clear and not at all difficult. A rewarding by-product of proper maintenance is the patina that has been developing, like a visible indication of the knife's history in my kitchen.

The performance and feel of this knife makes the maintenance completely worth
it! It's fun to use and Jesse is a genuinely pleasant person to purchase from.

Mackenzie K.