What is an S-Grind Knife?

Most knives available, be it custom or production, have what is commonly known as a flat grind, meaning the faces of the knife merge at the edge in a ‘v’ shape. The issue with this design is its flat sides cause ingredients to suction, leading to a build-up of freshly cut ingredients on the side of the knife.

The s-grind solves this issue—a deep hollow milled into the blade just above the edge creates an S shape when looking down the knife from the heel, which allows air to get behind the food with every slice. This eliminates the suction present on flat ground knives, and makes quick work of even the most hard-to-cut ingredients (think onions, potatoes, and cucumbers).

My s-grind design is not ground at all, but milled—the machining process adds an unmatched level of precision to the hollow. Once the hollow is made, the bevel and distill taper is hand ground, with a convex edge designed for added food release.