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Production Petty Knife with Saya

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I am proud to introduce Nordquist Designs' first production knife! I have produced some limited production blades in the past such as my Bastogne Nakiri and Gyuto, however they were limited to 11 blades per style. This new series, which I am simply calling Production Series is not limited. Each blade in the Production Series is serialized. This knife is a result of months of R&D and a tremendous amount of investment, both financial and time, in my process for creating high performance cutlery! The Production Series takes all of that and boil's it down to the essentials. Each of these knives are completely made in house (with the exception of the coating process which is outsourced to a local professional) using the same hand ground and finished process as my Limited and custom works.

Each of these knives have a lot of awesome technology baked into them! Starting with the blade, it features the same S-Grind geometry that my Limited and custom blades have become known for. They are created from my preferred 52100 carbon steel, heat treated to 62HRC. Production Series blades have undergone an additional process called Cerakote ceramic coating which adds a level of corrosion resistance and a sweet matte black finish! Not only is this coating incredibly durable (I have been using my prototype extensively for the past number of months) but it is also quite hydrophobic which never hurts when we are chasing awesome food release! The edge below the hollow is bare 52100 carbon steel hand rubbed to a satin finish. Despite the added corrosion resistance of the Cerakote this knife is hand wash only. 

Moving on to the handle, would you believe me if I told you its a 3D printed carbon fibre composite? Early this year I stated a deep dive on the latest and greatest developments in 3D printing. Turns out there has been a lot since I was last into it around 10 year ago! This carbon fibre composite has an incredible strength to weight ratio and when printed using a quality printer and hand finished results in a wonderful, grippy texture that remains grippy even when wet and oily! I absolutely love it and I am sure you will as well! 

Each Production Series knife also includes a 3D printed friction fit saya. 

52100 Carbon Steel
62 HRC
170mm (6.7") Cutting Edge
320mm (13") Overall Length
40mm (1.5") Tall at Heel

Like the entire Nordquist Designs line, this chef's knife is of truly heirloom quality. Handcrafted in the British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley from locally-sourced materials, these kitchen tools are made to last generations. 

Follow Nordquist Designs on Instagram at @NordquistDesigns, for a glimpse into the production process, from inside Jesse Thompson’s studio in Kelowna, BC.