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BBQ Smash Burger Spatula

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Weighing in at 350g this heavy weight spatula is perfect for making those smash burgers we all love! However, this handcrafted spatula is not a one trick pony, it also excels at other grilling tasks. The 12 gauge (2.6mm) carbon steel blade has three beveled edges to easily flip those tasty burgers. The skookum blade is held to an equally skookum handle with 1/8” (3mm) brass rivets that are peened flush with the underside of the blade. A simple, purpose built tool for the grill enthusiast.


Blade thickness: 2.6mm (12 Gauge)
Blade width: 100mm (4") 
Blade length: 120mm (4.75")
Overall length: 400mm (16")
Handle length: 280mm (11") 


When fully dried after each use, the carbon steel blade and handle will not rust. Proper care is vital to ensuring the heirloom quality of the spatula is maintained.