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Leather Strop and Honing Cream

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Handcrafted from the same fine grain leather I use for my knife wraps, this 3” x 9” strop will keep your knife’s edges finely honed!

This SB Foot cowhide sits atop a slab of European Beech wood, a hardwood known for its stability, meaning it will stay flat under a variety of different humidity levels. Four silicone feet ensure it remains fixed on your counter. Like all Nordquist Designs products, this strop is of heirloom quality, built to sustain your knives for years to come.

Included with each strop is a jar of Rick’s White Lightnin’ honing cream. Made by Rick Wiebe, a carver local to British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, its aluminum oxide abrasive is suspended in a cream rather than the typical wax, thus preventing waxy buildup on your strop. I’ve been using this honing cream for years, and am so happy to be able to offer this incredible product to my customers!

Knife not included.