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Walnut & Brass Magnetic Knife Block

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Designing a countertop knife magnetic block has proven to be a study of balance. Because it’s freestanding, it needs enough weight to keep the block planted when knives are removed. I settled on a weight and magnet strength that requires just a simple twist of the knife to take off.

This magnetic block is handcrafted from a solid block of walnut. A row of powerful rare earth magnets are hidden along the top of the block in a slot less than 1/8" behind the surface. Two satin finish brass legs keep the slab tilted at 15 degrees.

The face of the block is 8" (200mm) wide by 10" (250mm) tall. Depending on the width of each knife, this rack can typically hold 4 knives, and it is tall enough for knives up to 250mm (10”). My Nordquist brand is embossed on leather and inset into the back of the block. 

As each block is crafted from a different board the grain will vary. Knives shown not included.