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S-Grind Chef's Knife

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Using 1084 high carbon steel hardened to 60-62 HRC, this 200mm S-Grind Chef's knife is 100% handcrafted in Kelowna, British Columbia. The edge is finely ground and heat treated in-house, easily moving through any ingredient. Standing at 60mm tall, this chef's knife provides ample clearance between your fingers and the cutting board. The spine tapers from 5.5mm at the heel all the way down to 1mm just behind the tip.

This blade features what is commonly known as an S-Grind. A deep hollow is milled into the blade just above the edge. The result is a profile that, when looking down the knife from the heel, is roughly like an S. In my testing, this grind greatly improves the release of softer wet foods because it allows air to get behind the food, eliminating the suction that is present on flat ground knives. Each knife is hand tuned to find its unique balance point just ahead of the bolster. The blade features a hand rubbed finish and has undergone a forced patina process to darken the steel and protect from oxidation.

The handle is sculpted from jet black ebony and stabilized maple. This dense hardwood is stable, durable, and takes a wonderful hand-rubbed oil finish. 


1084 High Carbon Steel
60-62 HRC
360mm (14.25") Overall Length
200mm (8") Cutting Edge
60mm (2.5") Tall at Heel